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Some recent statistics

Posted by Peta Hopkins on July 11, 2007

  • Full text downloads for April, May and June exceeded 10000 in each month.
  • 258 papers added over the same 3 months
  • 70 personal researcher pages

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Farewell Bruce

Posted by Peta Hopkins on July 11, 2007

Well Bruce’s time on this project was shorter than we all expected, but during his time with us we saw a strong growth in content within the repository. The number of personal researcher pages grew to over 60, and the total number of pages to over 850. Thanks Bruce for your great work on the repository. We wish you all the best in your new position.

Antoinette Cass is now continuing the work on the repository in a part-time capacity along with her role as copyright coordinator.

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Global reach

Posted by Peta Hopkins on May 10, 2007

Where are Bond’s research papers being read? Based on the referring URLs to downloads from epublications@ Bond, here is the distribution.

global reach

North America 44%
Australia & South Pacific 32%
Europe 14%
Asia 7%
Africa 1%
Middle East 1%
South America 1%

As at April 2007

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Scholarly publishing and open access

Posted by Peta Hopkins on May 10, 2007

 Last week Bruce Ibsen and I met with a few staff from the Business School to talk about Bond’s repository and how they could start to get their papers uploaded.

Since then, David Robinson has acquired a substantial presence in the repository with a personal researcher page featuring journal articles and conference papers. 

At the meeting there was some discussion about possible changes to the scholarly publishing landscape, brought about by the open access movement. Repositories are one of the contributors to increased availability of research to the masses via the Internet without a pay to view cost.

For those interested in reading more about scholarly publishing and open access, Kennan and Kautz’s paper may be of useful. The paper has been accepted for the ECIS 2007 conference in June, but is already openly accessible on DLIST (Digital Library of Information Science and Technology). So you can read about open access and experience it at the same time.

The author’s include a diagram showing possibilities for scholarly publishing enabled by developments in information technology. This model is quite different to the models described for traditional print-based publishing and its derivative model for electronic journal publishing.

They conclude that changes in scholarly publishing are being motivated by new technical opportunities and that they are emerging without a full understanding of the implications for communication and publishing in the scholarly world.

Kennan, Mary Anne and Kautz, Karlheinz (2007) Scholarly Publishing and Open Access: Searching for Understanding of an Emerging IS Phenomenon. In Proceedings ECIS 2007 – The 15th European Conference on Information Systems, St Gallen, Switzerland.

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Bruce Ibsen joins the team

Posted by Peta Hopkins on April 13, 2007

Bruce Ibsen was recently appointed to help build the collection of research papers in the repository. Bruce worked previously in the Library on the Bond in Pictures project.

Welcome back Bruce.

If you have research papers you would like uploaded to the repository or want some advice about ePublications@ Bond, please contact Bruce.

Bruce Ibsen

Bruce_Ibsen @ 
07 55951529

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More Law journals

Posted by Peta Hopkins on April 13, 2007

The Law Faculty now has 4 journals and 1 newsletter being published in ePublications@ Bond. Sports Law eJournal and Corporate Governance eJournal are taking shape alongside Revenue Law Journal and the Bond University Student Law Review.

We look forward to adding Spreadsheets in Education to the list of ePublications@ Bond journals in the very near future. This will be the first journal to make use of the journal management functionality built into Digital Commons. This functionality enables online submission of articles, assignment of reviewers and version control.

 View Bond’s journals in ePublications@ Bond.

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Downloads going up

Posted by Peta Hopkins on March 26, 2007

Would you be happy if your research paper was read by 10 people each month? 179 papers in ePublications@ Bond were downloaded 10 times or more in February. However, there are some really significant download figures being recorded by some of the papers in the repository, with 10 papers being downloaded more than 100 times in that month, one of them a staggering 246 times.

A sociological and criminological approach to understanding evil: a case study of Waffen-SS actions on the Eastern front during World War II 1941-1945 by Terry Goldsworthy

There is no doubt that archiving research papers in an open access repository plays a significant role in the distribution and reach of your work. Theses are commonly in the most frequently downloaded list of Bond’s repository, but there a number of other papers with significant download numbers featured in the faculty series. Psychology papers appear to be popular and even older issues of the Dispute Resolution Centre Newsletter are being downloaded in quite high numbers. Volume 15 (2003) – 51 downloads in February.

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First e-issue of BUSLR

Posted by Peta Hopkins on March 20, 2007

Back in 1995 the very first issue of Bond University Student Law Review was produced in hard copy. You can see it in the Law Library (KL 27Q.001 BON).

This week the very first electronic issue of the journal was published in ePublications@ Bond. Congratulations to Lauren Hertel and her team on this milestone.

Articles in this issue:

Rachel Mansted (2007) The Pacific Solution – Assessing Australia’s Compliance with International Law
Dylan Wiltermuth (2007) The Law Around a Miscarriage of Justice in Queensland
Serena Nicholls (2007) The New Family Dispute Resolution System: Reform Under the Family Law Amendment (Shared Parental Responsibility) Act 2006
Raylene D’Cruz (2007) Assessing the Need for a Constitutionally-Entrenched Bill of Rights in Australia

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RQF : can we have what RAE is having?

Posted by Peta Hopkins on March 6, 2007

 One of the thorny problems being faced by Australian repository builders is how they can provide access to publisher versions of research papers for Research Quality Framework assessors, without contravening copyright or licences. The first submission for RQF is scheduled for April 2008.

In the UK, the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) partnering with publishers has announced an arrangement where RAE panel members will have free electronic access to articles submitted to the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise. The access will be enabled using software from CrossRef and Eduserv.

The RQF will require Australian Universities to submit an electronic portfolio for research groups, which will include 4 pieces of research output for each researcher. Assessors will need to access those outputs, and many will be pleased that their research is being assessed on a level-playing field using publisher versions rather than a plain author’s version. While author versions available in repositories may be peer-reviewed, there are concerns that assessors may sub-consciously give them less credit than those presented in the publisher’s layout.

The RAE licence sounds like a winner.

Link to RAE 2008 : News : 2007 : Electronic access to authoritative publications for RAE 2008

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RLJ moves to epublications@ Bond

Posted by Peta Hopkins on March 1, 2007

The Revenue Law Journal is taking shape in Bond’s institutional repository. Work has commenced to upload previous volumes of the journal to the repository. At present, just 7 issues have been uploaded, but visitors can now see how the journal will look.

The journal has quick access to previous issues and a search facility, and readers can subscribe for email alerts to new papers, or use the journals RSS feed.

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