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What’s been happening in epubs?

Posted by Peta Hopkins on July 13, 2007

As part of the Higher Education Research Data Collection this year, all of the papers counted in HERDC have been recorded in epublications@ Bond. In cases where archiving the pre or post print was not possible, only links to publishers’s sites have been provided to help drive readership of those papers. Where full text is archived, full citations of the published version and a link to the publisher’s site is also provided.

In conjunction with recording the HERDC submissions, personal researcher pages were created for the authors. These pages show selected works for authors. Where possible we are also providing a complete list of publications even if all of the papers are not archived individually in the repository. Over time, the personal researcher pages will be developed to provide as complete a list of publications as possible without requiring a PDF version of the author’s list of writings.

Spreadsheets in education (eJSIE) is now fully hosted in epublications@ Bond. Congratulations to Steve Sugden for being the first editor to try out the journal management functionality within the respository. eJSIE allows authors to submit their articles online and provides an interface for the administration of the peer-review process. eJSIE joins four law journals in the repository.


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Some recent statistics

Posted by Peta Hopkins on July 11, 2007

  • Full text downloads for April, May and June exceeded 10000 in each month.
  • 258 papers added over the same 3 months
  • 70 personal researcher pages

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Farewell Bruce

Posted by Peta Hopkins on July 11, 2007

Well Bruce’s time on this project was shorter than we all expected, but during his time with us we saw a strong growth in content within the repository. The number of personal researcher pages grew to over 60, and the total number of pages to over 850. Thanks Bruce for your great work on the repository. We wish you all the best in your new position.

Antoinette Cass is now continuing the work on the repository in a part-time capacity along with her role as copyright coordinator.

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