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Scholarly publishing and open access

Posted by Peta Hopkins on May 10, 2007

 Last week Bruce Ibsen and I met with a few staff from the Business School to talk about Bond’s repository and how they could start to get their papers uploaded.

Since then, David Robinson has acquired a substantial presence in the repository with a personal researcher page featuring journal articles and conference papers. 

At the meeting there was some discussion about possible changes to the scholarly publishing landscape, brought about by the open access movement. Repositories are one of the contributors to increased availability of research to the masses via the Internet without a pay to view cost.

For those interested in reading more about scholarly publishing and open access, Kennan and Kautz’s paper may be of useful. The paper has been accepted for the ECIS 2007 conference in June, but is already openly accessible on DLIST (Digital Library of Information Science and Technology). So you can read about open access and experience it at the same time.

The author’s include a diagram showing possibilities for scholarly publishing enabled by developments in information technology. This model is quite different to the models described for traditional print-based publishing and its derivative model for electronic journal publishing.

They conclude that changes in scholarly publishing are being motivated by new technical opportunities and that they are emerging without a full understanding of the implications for communication and publishing in the scholarly world.

Kennan, Mary Anne and Kautz, Karlheinz (2007) Scholarly Publishing and Open Access: Searching for Understanding of an Emerging IS Phenomenon. In Proceedings ECIS 2007 – The 15th European Conference on Information Systems, St Gallen, Switzerland.


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