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Making a hit with OA articles

Posted by Peta Hopkins on September 19, 2006

There has been a number of articles published about open access and its relationship with research impact. Although research continues into the multiple interdependent factors that contribute to research impact, the correlation between open access and citations has been demonstrated.

Hajjem et al. (2005) report that this applies accross quite different disciplines, not just hard sciences. Across biology, business, psychology and sociology, they report that citation counts are consistently higher for OA articles. This increase is between 25% and 250% higher than for articles with restricted access.

Antelman’s (2004) comparison of citation counts for articles in the disciplines of philosophy, political science, electrical and electronic engineering and mathematics showed a relative increase in citations for open access articles ranging from 45% in philosophy to 91% in mathematics.

Because open access articles are not restricted to subscribers, or licensed users, or those able to pay-per-view, the potential readership of articles reproduced in open access repositories is potentially far greater. For authors, large readership is a desirable commodity, and if that leads to increased citation counts, then archiving research papers in an institutional repository like e-publications@ bond is a worthwhile endeavour.

Links to these articles are for the versions in open access repositories.

Antelman, Kristin (2004) Do Open Access Articles Have a Greater Research Impact?. College & Research Libraries News 65(5):pp. 372-382. –

Hajjem, C., Gingras, Y., Brody, T., Carr, L. and Harnad, S. (2005) Open Access to Research Increases Citation Impact. Technical Report, Institut des sciences cognitives, Université du Québec à Montréal. –


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Journal publishing

Posted by Peta Hopkins on September 11, 2006

The Digital Commons platform underpinning epublications@ Bond, uses Bepress technology that includes tools for supporting the peer-review process. In the near future the Library will be liaising with the Law faculty to investigate the migration of journals from the website. The first stage is likely to just look at moving previous issues into epublications@ Bond. But, given the tools in the repository solution, e-publications@ Bond could serve as a University e-press.

The interface can be customized to allow a unique appearance to support the branding of a journal. Examples of journals being published in similar repositories are:

Acta Medica Okayama – Okayama University

Global perspectives on accounting education – Bryant University

Industrial & Labor Relations Review – Cornell University, School of Industrial and Labor Relations

Value-based purchasing – Thomas Jefferson University

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