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Papers of the month – July

Posted by Peta Hopkins on August 9, 2006

10 Papers with the most downloads in July.

Attachment, Fear of Intimacy and Differentiation of Self among Clients in Substance Disorder Treatment Facilities
The management of skin cancer in Australian general practice
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI): Some Psychometric Limitations
Models of disease
Should we stop telling well pregnant women to monitor fetal movements? How to use and interpret guidelines.
Drug Addiction as a “Physical Disease:” The Role of Physical Dependence and other Chronic Drug-Induced Neurophysiological Changes in Compulsive Drug Self-Administration
Schizotypal Personality Traits: An Extension of Previous Psychometric Investigations
Relationship between criminal behaviour and mental illness in young adults: conduct disorder, cruelty to animals and young adult serious violence
Effects of caffeine on cognitive and autonomic measures in heavy and light caffeine users.
“Loss of Control” in Alcoholism and Drug Addiction: A Neuroscientific Interpretation

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