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Where do you stand? – Sherpa is your guide

Posted by Peta Hopkins on July 6, 2006

Sometimes, figuring out what you are legally entitled to archive feels like climbing Everest. Sherpa /Romeo provides a database of publishers’ copyright policies in relation to archiving research in an institutional repository to guide you along the way.

You can search by publisher’s name or by journal title.

If the publisher/journal is in the database its default policy will be displayed with links through to the full policy on the publisher’s site if it is available.


Sherpa uses a colour scheme to categorise publisher policies. If you are looking for a publisher you might like to consult Sherpa/Romeo to consider archiving policies before you submit your next paper. Look for green or blue in preference to yellow or white if you want to archive a copy in the repository.

The terms pre-print and post-print are also defined on the site so you can determine what version of your paper should be submitted to the repository.


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