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The Successful Repository

Posted by Peta Hopkins on July 5, 2006

The Australian Partnership for Sustainable Repositories hosted a seminar last week at the University of Queensland on sustainability of institutional repositories.

A number of the presentations are available for viewing from the APSR website, including:

Paula Callan, QUT. Keys to success: repository policies and copyright management


John Houghton, Victoria University. Scholarly communication costs and benefits: the role of repositories.

It appears that additional presentations will soon become available. I’m looking forward to seeing Susan Gibbons’ (University of Rochester) presentation “Making a repository a success with your academic staff” and Tom Cochrane’s (QUT) How can a repository contribute to university success?


3 Responses to “The Successful Repository”

  1. Mark Sutherland attended and blogged about it.

  2. I found the Successful Repository workshop, and the talk by Susan Gibbons the following day, very interesting and stimulating. The talks by Susan Gibbons and Paula Callan were for me the highlights – Paula and QUT are the leading lights in Australia in how to run an IR, whilst Susan Gibbons was, as ever, riveting. I have seen her speak a number of times and she is always both entertaining and full of practical ideas. Her emphasis on needing to win academics over on an individual basis was very sobering. Obviously some of the other papers at the workshop were not so “on point”, but overall I am sure that most attendees came away from the day with lots of ideas. Michael Organ University of Wollongong

  3. Phil Finnimore said

    All the presentations are now available at –

    And those labelled pdf are actually ppt



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