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50 papers

Posted by Peta Hopkins on June 20, 2006

Today the 50th paper was uploaded to

 William van Caenegem's "Fair use in a digital age"


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Paper of the month – May

Posted by Peta Hopkins on June 8, 2006

e-publications@bond has been operational now for a couple of months so it is interesting to see what’s happening in terms of usage.

Most downloaded paper in May – Thorberg, F.A., & Lyvers, M. (2006). Attachment, fear of intimacy and differentiation of self among clients in substance disorder treatment facilities. Addictive Behaviors, 31 (4), 732-737 – the full text was downloaded 72 times.

Where are the referrals to the repository coming from? 26 25 10 10 5 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Mostly Google and from all over the world.

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Scholar’s copyright project

Posted by Peta Hopkins on June 8, 2006

ScienceCommons states :

Our goal is to promote innovation in science by lowering the legal and technical costs of the sharing and reuse of scientific work. We remove unnecessary obstacles to scientific collaboration by creating voluntary legal regimes for research and development.

The Scholar's Copyright Project is one of the ways that ScienceCommons is working towards their goal. It has developed some resources to assist all scholars (not just the science community) to retain rights for archiving works on the public internet. The "Author Addenda" are three options to append to the standard copyright transfer agreements provided by publishers.

Are you negotiating with a publisher now? You might find these amendments useful. The site also provides answers to frequently asked questions about the project including advice on how to use these addenda.

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