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Proposal for ARC to mandate research article archiving

Posted by Peta Hopkins on May 29, 2006

Professor Arthur Sale (Research Coordinator for the School of Computing at University of Tasmania) has submitted a proposal to the Australian Research Council requesting changes to funding rules and agreements that would require grantees to deposit their published articles in an OAI-PMH compliant repository. The proposal was prepared by Arthur and some other movers and shakers in institutional repositories, including Stevan Harnad, Alma Swan and Peter Suber, and has the personal support of a number of Australian and international members of the Open Access Community.

Reproduced here the executive summary:

The submission is addressed to making a change in the reporting requirements for all funded schemes, which will make it a requirement of receiving the grant to deposit an electronic copy of any refereed research journal or conference articles deriving from the grant with the institution administering the grant. Minor changes are needed in the Funding Rules and the Funding Agreements. Precise wording is supplied to eliminate any concerns by publishers and to make the implementation easy.

The benefits to Australia are that Australia’s ARC publicly funded research is made visible to all through the Internet, and in the majority of cases publicly accessible. This will raise Australia’s research impact and is consistent with Australia’s espousal of a level playing field in the dissemination of research, and with activities currently underway or implemented in the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the European Union.

The full submission is available from

Should this proposal be adopted, articles arising from ARC funded research would have to be deposited in an institutional repository. Bond's repository is ready.


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