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The copyright question

Posted by bulibrary on April 12, 2006

Institutional repositories may contain works where the copyright is owned by the author, or the University, or for which permission has been obtained to include a copy.

Recent trends show that some publishers are becoming more amenable to authors self-archiving their research in institutional repositories.

The Sherpa/Romeo list makes it easy for researchers to check on the copyright policies of journal publishers. Users can look up a journal title or publisher to check on the default copyright policy. The list provides a summary as well as a link to the full policy. Changes or exceptions to the default policy can be negotiated by authors.

The Sherpa/Romeo list is worth considering when looking for potential publishers of your research, however, as policies in this area are rapidly evolving the contract you sign contains the final word on whether you can archive a post-print.

The author owns the copyright on pre-refereed pre-prints so no permission has to be sought to archive a pre-print.

Institutional repositories are about open access and discoverability. They are not meant to replace the quality control aspects of refereeing and publication. But if you are concerned about demonstrating the quality of your research a supplementary file outlining variations with the final work can be uploaded to the repository, or the publisher may simply ask for a link to the final refereed version. Both of these options can be accommodated in e-publications@bond.


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