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Growth and new series

Posted by Antoinette Cass on January 31, 2011

In the last year Bond’s digital repository e-publications@bond holdings have grown by over 2,000 items to a total exceeding 5,000 (as of 5 January 2011).

As well as being boosted by the 1,366 ERA collection documents uploaded in the first half of 2010, the repository now includes a series of articles by members of the Owen Dixon Society founded at Bond University in 1994 in honour of Australia’s ‘most eminent judge’ Sir Owen Dixon (1886-1972). The Society also celebrates his legacy with an annual black-tie dinner.

A journal edited by School of Sustainable Development Professor Michael Regan entitled the Public Infrastructure Bulletin has also joined the online open access world with a bright new- look e-publications site.   Comprising of topical and refereed articles this journal commenced in 2003 and aims to have two issues published each year.  

Personal Researcher Pages (PRPs) are also continually growing with a total of 243 created by the end of 2010.  A webpage is set up for each academic as a showcase of their research and scholarship and can also feature an area for presenting Expertise, Honours and Awards and a Links list to other relevant sites.  PRPs are also accessible via the Faculty or Institute pages if you are browsing by discipline.

All Bond researchers and authors are welcome to have a presence in e-publications@bond with their own Personal Researcher Page whilst adding work to their School series which is kept in perpetuity as a record of the scholarship of the University.  Please contact the Repository Coordinator for further information and assistance in depositing material.

We look forward to working with you in 2011.

The Research Support Team – Antoinette Cass, Kendall Kousek and Dianne Monnier


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Government exercises – We’ve been busy!

Posted by Antoinette Cass on December 2, 2010

The Research Support Team have worked hard on two Federal Government exercises – HERDC & ERA


The Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC) is based on research publications that were published in the previous year.  The collection of these publications commences in the faculties and culminates in all University outputs being delivered in hardcopy to IS Research Support with a completion date of 30 June for all reporting to DIISR.  

In April this year IS welcomed Dianne Monnier to the team and she took on the job of HERDC verification and data entry with enthusiasm as the record number of submissions arrived on her desk.  Dianne’s work does not stop with building up impressive piles of research papers, but continues as she enters the bibliographic details into e-publications@bond giving Bond University research output data an even greater reach into the global community. 


Information Services has provided support for Bond’s submission to the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) Initiative.  ERA is an evaluative program of the Australian Government via the Australian Research Council.  It aims to assess research quality within Australia’s higher education institutions using a combination of indicators and expert review. 

The Information Services Research Support team worked very closely with Faculty Research Coordinators, the Office of Research Services (ORS) and the Project Management Office (PMO) to collate and process the publication data gathered for this exercise over many weeks.  

In particular the month of May was very demanding with the data being received from the faculties, processed and reformatted and sent onto PMO for upload into the University’s new data management system Research Master.   As well as becoming a RefWorks guru during this exercise Kendall Kousek expertly took on the complex task of checking, sorting and cleansing the data as it arrived at IS and achieved the high quality of data required for the next stage.

Of course uploading the data to the repository is a mandatory step in the ERA exercise and the multiple batch loading was efficiently completed by Lisa Barker whose technical skills are much appreciated.  This proficient teamwork enabled IS to deliver a high standard of data to PMO and ORS on schedule.  

 ‘Thank you’ to everyone in the Research Support team for a job well done on both collection exercises over the last few months.

The following chart gives an indication of the mix of the repository’s 4,339 unique items as at the end of July 2010.

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Posted by Antoinette Cass on July 9, 2010


Downloads x 1,000,000!

The University has passed a very important milestone: the world has downloaded more than 1 million full-text downloads of Bond research ‘outputs’ (versions of articles and papers permitted for open access) in the e-publications@ bond repository.  The repository was launched by the VC on 21 November 2006. So this means on average downloads of ~ 780 Bond research outputs / day.  It is extraordinary to realise how much the world is downloading our research, and prompts us to speculate on who they are and why they are so interested.

Congratulations to our researchers for generating research that elicits such attention, and to Information Services for enabling the service so effectively.

PS – New contributions from our academic staff are always welcome – please contact the e-publications coordinator for further information.

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e-pubs Christmas wrap-up

Posted by Antoinette Cass on December 18, 2009

The e-publications@bond team recently achieved its goal of having 3,000 items in the repository before the end of 2009.
Since the upgrade to the platform in April this year the repository has seen growth in all Faculty series and journals with the addition of a Teaching and Learning series. The BTSD faculty is now fully represented with collections for the School of Sustainable Development, the School of Hotel, Resort and Tourism Management and the Australian Centre of Family Business joining the community.
Of major significance is the completion of the task of uploading all 10 issues of the ADR Bulletin published by the Law Faculty over the last eleven years. Thank you to Kendall and Rob for your great work on this journal.
Content will soon be appearing for a new journal that has only just been installed on e-pubs this week entitled The International Journal of Finance and Banking. This journal will be fully edited via the e-pubs site by Prof. Ariff of BTSD who is looking forward to managing the journal articles, which are submitted from all over the world, and corresponding with reviewers in an online environment.
The number of Personal Researcher Pages in the repository has also surged ahead this year with over 70 new pages being created for academics across the faculties, creating a total of 181 PRPs.
Of course I haven’t yet mentioned the Federal government’s Excellence in Research (ERA) Initiative which necessitated the checking and uploading of several hundred papers into the restricted access, or ‘dark side’ of the repository. This area of work will once again be a priority in 2010, but will hopefully be made easier with use of the Excel ‘batch upload’ process now available on the Digital Commons platform. Thank you to Lisa for your assistance in setting-up this new procedure.
Congratulations to all members of the e-pubs team on achieving all the targets set in these various areas of repository work in 2009, and making this a very productive year.

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Open Access @ Bond 14th October 2008

Posted by Antoinette Cass on November 20, 2008


What a good day for e-publications@ bond to reach the milestone of 2,000 items.

As you may know the Bond University digital repository contains a spectrum of academic papers from all faculties, scholarly journals, theses and a growing collection of historical photographs in the Bond Gallery and is building into a collection that is an excellent representation of many Bond researchers’ endeavours and achievements.

The two most recent items to be uploaded to the repository reflect the diversity of material available. An in-depth study of Bond’s acclaimed new technology-rich and architecturally exciting learning environment The Balnaves Foundation Multimedia Learning Centre is of interest to all who work and attend Bond, and don’t forget to view the PowerPoint presentation which is offered alongside the paper.

The 2,000th item is an article from the newest in the line-up of scholarly journals produced at Bond: The ADR Bulletin. The upload of articles is in the early stages for this journal, but it promises to be a valuable addition to the repository and is already amassing good download statistics.

So, what is Open Access and what has it to do with the University’s digital repository?

Simply put, Open Access (OA) is a movement to make available online research and scholarly material for the greater benefit of all, without cost, to enhance learning and scholarly communication.

All OA material is made available with the consent of the publisher and copyright is retained. The main reason authors make their articles openly accessible is to maximize their research impact and this is achieved by placing material in institutional repositories which, like Bond’s, are indexed by Google and other major search engines.

It is in the spirit of OA that e-publications@ bond exists, to enable faculty staff and researchers to contribute digital materials for long-term preservation and world-wide electronic accessibility.

Read more about the Open Access movement and its international growth.

New contributions from our academic staff are always welcome – please contact the e-publications coordinator for further information.

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Bond Journals Online

Posted by Antoinette Cass on November 29, 2007

Diversity of scholarship is certainly well represented in two Bond journals which have recently been uploaded into e-publications@ bond.

Bond Law Review is a refereed journal which invites contributions from Bond staff, legal practitioners and scholars from all over the world. It is truly a part of Bond history with its inaugural volume published in 1989 and it continues to be published twice each year by the Bond Faculty of Law Review Editorial Committee. Bond Law Review not only contains learned articles but also commentaries, book reviews and obituraries and stands as a flagship of Bond University publishing.

The Culture Mandala is a humanities journal with a rich offering of articles ranging from political observations to discussion of religious and cultural topics which impact on east-west relations. Published by the Centre for East-West Cultural and Economic Studies, the Culture Mandala touches on topics as diverse as the space program in China to dental care in Balinese schools. Each issue is a journey into the religions and cultures of Australia’s near neighbours.

See the suite of journals available in the Bond digital repository and explore the work of past and present Bond academics.

We always welcome new contributions from our academic staff – please contact the e-publications coordinator for further information.

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Finetuning of download counts

Posted by Antoinette Cass on October 5, 2007

New filtering techniques are soon to be employed on Digital Commons sites, the e-publications@ bond software platform, that will dramatically change Bond’s digital repository download statistics.   Numbers will decrease considerably, but they will be more accurate. 

Just like spam adds to the gross volume of email, there are automated processes artificially inflating the numbers of hits on Bond’s repository papers.    A recent analysis of thousands of log files has confirmed that the integrity of our download statistics is compromised by the activity of sophisticated robots, crawlers and spam-bots (RACS) trawling the internet. 

This discovery has motivated bepress, the provider of Digital Commons, to completely re-write their filtering technology to remove machine downloads and other anomalies.  Digital Commons now meets and significantly exceeds COUNTER, an industry standard for online usage statistics.  For more information see 

Download counts and usage statistics continue to grow in importance as more scholarship is placed online, and Bond University researchers can take comfort that this latest upgrade will assist them in assessing the impact of their publications with far more accuracy than in the past.   

If your papers are in e-publications@ bond you will soon receive an email from Digital Commons announcing their new filtering system has been implemented.  The ensuing result will be future monthly full-text download reports that are more accurate and therefore a more reliable source by which you can monitor reader interest in your research.

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Over 1,000 good reasons to read on . . .

Posted by Antoinette Cass on October 4, 2007

Over 1,000 papers are now available online through e-publications@Bond.

Bond’s digital repository has achieved this milestone within a year of its formal launch last November. Steady growth has been accomplished with contributions of articles from every faculty, together with the recent appearance of some notable Bond University journals such as Spreadsheets in Education and Bond University Student Law Review who have made e-publications@ Bond their official home. 

The 1,000th paper in fact belongs to our latest addition to the journal fold, Bond Law ReviewThis journal commenced in 1989 and it continues to be an influential publication today.  The upload of all available volumes is expected to be completed in the very near future.

Explore the world of research at Bond University and see what our academics are writing and publishing. The repository provides open access to theses, pre-prints and post-prints of journal articles, conference papers and book chapters, and is indexed by Google, Yahoo and many other search engines.

We always welcome new contributions from our academic staff – please contact the e-publications coordinator for further information.

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Bond Law Review is on the move

Posted by Peta Hopkins on August 22, 2007

It is at an early stage at present, but the migration of Bond Law Review from its current home on the University website to epublications@ Bond has begun. Over the next week or two all 18 volumes will be uploaded to the repository.

You can see it take shape here — Bond Law Review

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What’s been happening in epubs?

Posted by Peta Hopkins on July 13, 2007

As part of the Higher Education Research Data Collection this year, all of the papers counted in HERDC have been recorded in epublications@ Bond. In cases where archiving the pre or post print was not possible, only links to publishers’s sites have been provided to help drive readership of those papers. Where full text is archived, full citations of the published version and a link to the publisher’s site is also provided.

In conjunction with recording the HERDC submissions, personal researcher pages were created for the authors. These pages show selected works for authors. Where possible we are also providing a complete list of publications even if all of the papers are not archived individually in the repository. Over time, the personal researcher pages will be developed to provide as complete a list of publications as possible without requiring a PDF version of the author’s list of writings.

Spreadsheets in education (eJSIE) is now fully hosted in epublications@ Bond. Congratulations to Steve Sugden for being the first editor to try out the journal management functionality within the respository. eJSIE allows authors to submit their articles online and provides an interface for the administration of the peer-review process. eJSIE joins four law journals in the repository.

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